Hava Ben-Zvi Evaluation

Dear Hava,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful program last week. Also I wanted to pass on some of the comments from the evaluation form we have them fill out:

“Hava is a warm, compassionate woman who gave a compelling presentation.”

“(She) makes the stories alive and tells the real stories behind the written story.”

“”The speaker was organized, interesting and intelligent. This program was one of the best I’ve attended at the library.”

“Thought provoking- relevant-entertaining.”

“Enlightening and meaningful.’

‘Many could relate to all the stories. Stories were entertaining and amusing.”

“Universal moral lessons.”

“Interesting stories and lots of information.”

“(Liked) learning more about Jewish traditions –especially role of women.”

So, again, thank you for coming to the Whittwood Library. It was a pleasure meeting you. Please let me know when your next book comes out as we would love to have you back!


Nicole Schulert. Librarian.
The Whittwood Library, Whittier, California


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